Travel Makeup. 10 Tips & Hacks to Pack Like a Pro.

Okay so before I start, lets be real, I don’t travel and the last time that I did I don’t think I was even wearing makeup haha. However if I was to travel now these are the travel makeup tips I would use to help me pack as smart as possible.

Tip 1. Pick products in squeezy tubes instead of glass packing.

This tip mostly applies to face products, as primers and foundations can often come in glass bottles which obviously isn’t the most travel friendly. If you have a product that is in a plastic squeezy tube then don’t need to worry about it or decant some into one of those little travel pots.

Tip 2. Pick products/brushes with multiple functions/uses.

If you’re travelling aboard then what you can take with you is limited so if you can pack products that do more than one thing, then you can pack less or make room for other things. Pick palettes or products that contains bronzer and blush or blush and highlight or all three to save you packing multiple items. Same goes with brushes, you can use one powder brush for everything and use your fingers for as much as possible if thats something you’re happy to do. If you only use cream products then you don’t need to take any brushes just your beauty sponge.

Tip 3. Use your face products for a simple eye look.

Its easy to create a pretty and simple eye look using your face products and that means you can skip taking a palette. Starting by using your concealer as a primer instead of taking a separate one. Then use your bronzer as a crease colour, you can apply your highlighter as a pop of colour/shimmer on the lid. If you want to add a little something extra then you can smudge a bit of eyeliner on the outer corner and then you have a complete eye look without any shadow.

Tip 4. Pick a eyeshadow palette that can create multiple looks.

If the last tip isn’t for you and you’d rather take a palette, pick one that you can create both day time and night time looks or one with neutrals and colour. For example the too faced sweet peach palette contains a mixture of both, so is great for creating a range of different looks.

Tip 5. Use an eyeshadow for filling in your eyebrows.

Most eye palettes contain a matte brown and if you can use that to fill in your eyebrows then that one less product you need to pack.

Tip 6. Take one liner/gloss that can go with any lip colour.

Instead of packing 5 different liners and glosses just pick a neutral liner and gloss that will go with any lip product you apply. Most light sheer or clear glosses will go well with any lip colour.

Tip 7. Take mini/travel size products where possible.

If you have very limited space and you aren’t going for to very long then try to pack travel sized or mini versions of your products. Quite a few companies have started to sell small versions, for example MAC sell a mini Fix + , which is great if you want to carry it in your carry on luggage. This tip is great for skincare products too.

Tip 8. Take a palette that contains a good mirror.

Its not good when you arrive at your hotel room to find that the mirror is awful or no where near a good light. Well if you take a palette that has a good mirror then you won’t have to worry or have to take another separate mirror. Both the Becca Jaclyn Hill Face palette and Tarte Tartelette palettes have really good mirrors but most face/eye palette contain a useable mirror.

Tip 9. Wrap you makeup bag in your clothes.

If you are packing your makeup away in your suitcase then you want to make sure that you protect it, as make up is fragile and suitcases get thrown around. Rather than using extra padding just wrap your makeup bag in the clothes &/or towel that you are packing.

Tip 10. Plan your lip colours with your outfits.

Sometimes it can be hard to know what lip colours to take with you as there are a lot to choose from, so unless you just plan on taking a standard nude, which will go with everything, then i suggest planning what lip coloursĀ  you would wear with your outfits. That way you don’t take extra products that you won’t use because it doesn’t match anything.

I hope that if you’re going on a summer holiday soon, you find these travel makeup tips helpful

Lucy xx

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