makeup collection and storage

Makeup Collection & Storage 2017

I don’t know about you but I love a good nosey around other people makeup collections so I thought I would share mine so you could have a look. I also thought that this would be a fun thing for me to look back on in the future if my storage was to change. I don’t have to biggest collection but I think its just a normal amount to have. Anyway less chatting and more makeup…

makeup collection and storage

Firstly I have my desk which is from Ikea, which you will see a lot of my items are from. My desk is the Micke white desk with one draw and an open side. On top of my desk I have a mirror which is from Ikea and on the little tray I keep my beauty sponge, primer and eye cream. The other thing that i keep on the top is this white wooden storage unit, that was gifted to me so i have no idea where it is from but I have found one on argos that is literally indentical and that is the HOME 3 Drawer Cosmetics Caddy – White incase anyone is interested in getting something like this. I was on the look for something like this for ages and then when I got this one, it was perfect. I like to keep the bulk of my makeup in here but the drawers don’t hold that much stuff so I’m not able to keep everything in this unit.

makeup collection

In the white unit I have all my colourpop Ultra lip products, lippie stix and liners along one side of the open top. On the top row the other side i have other lip liners, a few lip products and some eyeliners. On the bottom row I have a few random smaller things, including my NYX Lip products, brow products and hoola bronzer. In the large middle compartment I have my foundations and a little face trio. In the three little drawers are a range of different drugstore lipsticks.

makeup collection

makeup collection

Onto the drawer inside my desk. I have a cutlery organiser, also from ikea, which i used to help organise the products neatly. At the front is Colourpop, other smaller eyeshadow products and a couple of Brow products in one segment. In the other front compartment is eyeshadow pencils and a couple of mascaras. Behind that is the large segment which I have all my back up/ extra unopened products plus quite a few makeup samples.  To the side I have lip products at the back, mostly liquid lips or glosses. The final compartment has a few random face products. To the side of the draw organiser I have more samples, both makeup and skincare as well as a couple of large products that I don’t use as often.

makeup collection palettes

On top of my Ikea Alex 5 drawers is this little basket, I don’t know where its from sorry, but it’s where I store all my eyeshadow palettes. All my palettes fit nicely in this basket and it makes it easy to pick which palette to choose and it also looks pretty.

lipstick collection

Lastly on my shelves I have some of my favourite and most used lipsticks in this cute little holder which I found in TKMAXX for about £2.50. On the next shelf down I have a basket with my most used/daily products. I keep these products in this basket because then I can take it with me wherever I do my makeup and it just keeps everything I need all in one place. Also on this shelf I have my makeup brushes in this super cute pink pot from B&M.

makeup storage

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you would like to see more in depth what products I have in each category or what products I keep in my everyday basket, then let me know as I think that would be a fun series to do on my blog.

Lucy xx

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