Pixi + ASPYNOVARD Glow-y Powder Highlighter ‘London Lustre’ Review

This highlighter is the collaboration between beauty and lifestyle blogger/vlogger Aspyn Ovard. They created two highlighters, a Blush and Brow/ Mascara duo but this review is all about the Glow-y Powder (highlighter) in London Lustre. The Pixi + Aspyn Ovard Highlighter is said to ‘enliven lacklustre skin’ and give ‘an ethereal (but low-key) luminosity’. I definitely agree with the low-key luminosity when a little product is applied, although I think it can be built up to your desired glow.

This product retails for £14. Compared with a lot of other highlighters, this is on the cheaper end of the scale. For instance compared with a Becca highlighter that cost £32, £14 is less than half the price. This highlighter contains a large amount of product which is good value for money and would take you quite a while to hit pan.

This Glow-y Powder is suitable for most skintones, especially those who are fair-medium/tan. For my fellow fair skin readers then this shade will look beautiful on you, which can be quite hard to find a highlighter to look pretty on even the fairest of skin. This stunning vanilla shade has a soft almost cream like texture, making it blend into the skin, and with no glitter chunks this is the perfect ‘glow from within’ highlighter.

Continuing on with the formula the product that I would compare it most to is the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed. However I actually think that the formula of the Pixi Glow-y Powder is smoother and I think that this highlighters formula overall is better and looks nicer on the skin. Pixi is available from Cult Beauty, M&S, Target and Pixi’s own website.

Overall I love the Pixi + ASPYNOVARD Glow-y Powder Highlighter in London Lustre and couldn’t say enough good things about it and recommend it to anyone looking for a new highlighter.

Lucy xx

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