Best Affordable Makeup Brushes

There are so many makeup brushes on the market to choose from, alot of which can be very pricey. To help you out and hopefully help you save yourself some money I have put together a list of my favourite makeup brushes, all of which just happen to be affordable.

1.Real Techniques Multi Task Brush. 
This brush is perfect for powdering the face, applying bronzer and even blush. The only slight downside about this brush is that you have to buy in the a set (which tends to be the case with most RT brushes, please start selling more brushes individually real techniques). The multi task brush is part of the travel essentials kit and that contains three brushes and a folder for £14.78 on their website. As with all the RT brushes they wash and dry really well and barely shed. I have had this brush for about 3 or 4 years now and its still in great condition.
2. Real Techniques Cheek Brush
I personally love this brush for applying my foundation or concealer because it just blends everything out so well. However you could use it for both cream and powder blush and bronzer. This brush is again from a set, Nic’s Picks set. This set is still available from ebay and look fantastic.
3. Real Techniques Contour Brush. 
Perfect for more than just contouring, I like using this brush for setting my under eyes but it could also be used for buffing out concealer aswell. Another use of this brush would be for highlighting. This brush comes in both the core collection and the new flawless base set.
4. Real Techniques Duo Fibre contour brush. 
My favourite highlighter brush. I find that this brush works beautifully with pigmented products like the Becca highlighters to make them alittle more sutble. This brush also works well with blush. The duo fibre trio now have new updated packaging with colourful handles unlike the white one you see in the picture.
5. Real Techniques Setting Brush
Finally one that is sold individually. I love this brush so much that I actually have two of these because i use it so much, the one in the picture is in their new packaging. The brush is great for Concealer, wetting under the eyes, highlighting, nose contour and even blending out eyeshadow if your really pushed for brushes. This brush costs £6.99, although i picked mine up in tkmaxx for £4.99
6. Wilko Eyeliner Brush
Wow finally a brush that isn’t real Techniques haha. I love this brush from wilkos, its great for eyeliner and brows. It is really thin so its perfect for getting a really sharp wing or point. Best part about this brush is that it only costs 95p. You may think for such a cheap price that it wouldn’t be very good quality, but i find that it washes well and doesn’t shed and  I have had no issues with it in the year that i have owned it. They seem to keep changing the pattern on the handle but it is still the same brush.
7. Real Techniques Domed Shadow Brush
Okay so the purple brush pictured isn’t the brush I’m talking about but they’re very similar, mine was in the bathroom as I’d just washed it and I didn’t want to wait another day to take pictures so I just put this one in instead. The domed shadow brush is great for applying concealer and both cream and powder eyeshadows. This brush is also part of the travel essentials set.
8. Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush
Again another brush from Nic’s Picks set, this one and the travel set are two that I would definitely recommend. I love this brush for shadows, both cream and powder. For me this brush is perfect for blending shadows into the crease.
9. Real Techniques Angled Brush
Yet another Brush from Nic’s picks Set. I personally use this for my brows but it can also be used for eyeliner and cleaning up the brows or lip line. I love that the bristles are short and compact meaning that you have alot of control allowing for a clean and precise result.
10. Morphe M431 Brush 
My last brush in this line up, one that isn’t real techniques. I love this morphe brush for highlighting my inner corner and under my brow bone. Morphe brushes are all affordable and this is my favourite one I have tried.
Looking back on this post I could have basically called it “my favourite real techniques brushes and a couple of others” haha. What can I say, they make really good quality brushes and they don’t break the bank. Lastly if you want to get the best out of your brushes its important to wash them, i have a post about that here. I hope you found this post helpful and feel free to let me know what your favourite makeup brush brands are.

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