Dear Diary: A Fun Day Out & Life with M.E

Hello, this isn’t going to be my usual kind of beauty post. Instead it going to be a more personal post about life and to document a fun day out. I don’t really know if anyone will be interested in reading this but I wanted to have this post to look back on. 

A few weeks ago I went on, what i call a “proper outing”. Something I have not done for over 4 and 1/2 years since being ill with m.e/cfs. By proper outing i don’t mean, just going to the super market but instead going over an hour away from my house and going out for hours. If you read my get to know me post then you may know that i am a huge animal lover and this was my dream day out. A trip to the zoo may sound nothing to some but it is something I’ve dreamed about doing for ages. By “day out” I mean around 3 hours at the zoo because I wouldnt be able to manage more than that. The afternoon before we were going I had packed my bag ready and planned my outfit so I was good to go in the morning. I was so excited but also nervous because its quite scary to do something out of your comfort zone but positivity and excitement helped to keep the nerves at bay. 
At the wildlife park we saw loads of great animals including giraffes which were really smelly and ALOT bigger than they look on the telly. The main reason i picked this place is because they have my favourite animal, tapirs, however then were sound asleep in there bed and although i tried tapping on the window to wake them, i had no luck. Highlight of my trip was definitely when I got to go in and stroke the goats, their hair is surprisingly softer than it looks. 

We had a picnic lunch in the car because it was raining and I slept most of the way home because its tiring walking all the time when your not use to it. The pictures included are ones i have taken whilst at the wildlife park. 

If you are reading this post it means i was brave enough to post it as it can be scary to open up to people you don’t know. If you liked seeing a more personal post and would like to see more of them or to hear more about my m.e/cfs then let me know in the comments below. 
Lastly I am going to TRY and do blogmas with a twist because I hope to upload every week day (mon-fri) leading up to Christmas. If there is any posts you would like to see then let me know. 
Lucy xx

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