Becca Jaclyn Hill Face Palette Review&Swatches

This gorgeous palette is the product of a collaboration between Becca and Youtube queen Jaclyn Hill. However if you are reading this post then you probably already know that. This palette was insanely popular and with good reason. This face palette contains 2 highlighters and 3 blushes. 

At a price tag of £47/$52 it is quite pricey. However that said it is very very good value for money. You get two large highlighters (not quite full size but the full size retails at £32 each normally) and three good size blushes. This is the sort of product that will last you a long time as well. Also that packaging is gorgeous and the mirror is top quality. 
I think this palette is suitable for a lot of people because of the variety of shades included. I have fair skin and i find all the shades wearable, just got to be very light handed with the deep pink blush. I think this palette would work for any with a skin tone between fair to medium-deep. 
Sorry that the highlighters didn’t photograph very well
I personally haven’t anything that I think “oh thats a complete dupe of the jaclyn hill face palette” but there are other face palettes out there but none that i think are at this level of quality. 
Champagne Pop Swatch
This palette is very hard to get hold of and is sold out pretty much everywhere. However sephora in the US and Canada are restocking TODAY (Sunday 20th) in time for christmas so this will be your last chance to get one of these beauties. (sephora do ship to the UK and other places)
I love this palette and I think if its something that your interested in I would definitely say go for it because you won’t be disappointed. 
Lucy x

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