Autumn/Fall Tag

1. Favourite ‘ber’ month – either October because it always feels very autumnal by then or December because I love the festive run up to Christmas 
2. Favourite fall food – I love homemade apple crumble
3. Halloween or Christmas – definitely Christmas as I don’t like all things scary but I do love how cosy and festive everything is at Christmas 
4. Trick or treat – always treat
5. If you could spend fall anywhere, where would it be? Cliche but central park, new york, you know when you see in the movies where they have a winter wedding in central park
6. Favourite fall makeup product, I love to wear deep golds/burnt orange shades on my eyes and I love pairing that with maybelline divine wine lipstick
7. Do you enjoy cold weather, yes and no. Yes because i love wrapping up warm in cute chunky knit jumpers, boots and bobble hats but on the other hand i hate it when its so cold that it feels like ur nose may drop off when you go outside. 
8. Favourite thing about fall . Literally everything, the fashion, the food, the events and the changing colours in nature.
9. Least favourite thing about fall. For sure the daddy long legs/ spiders 
10. Favourite autumn colour. Burgundy
Hope you enjoyed this autumn tag and if you read this and want to do it aswell that will be great 🙂 
Lucy x 

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