Get To Know Me: 20 Random Facts About Me

1. My first &middle name: Lucy Jane
2. My height: 5 ft 2″ 
3. My hair colour: mouse brown, with a few blonde highlights
4. One random Fact: I am a huge animal lover, I have 5 boy Guineapigs and a 9 year old chicken 

5. Favourite colour: grey or blush pink or rose-gold (indecisive I know)  
6. Favourite Makeup Brand: Urban Decay or MAC or Benefit 
7. Favourite TV Show: Great British Bake Off or Jane the Virgin (team michael if your wondering) 
8. Favourite Animal: Brazilian Tapir
9. Favourite Song: James Arthur Impossible 
10. Favourite Book: Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma

11. Favourite film: Pitch Perfect
12. Favourite quote: Life is Not a Wish Granting Factory- from The Fault in Our Stars
13. Favourite season: 100% Autumn 
14. One food I hate: Macaroni Cheese
15. Biggest fear: Spiders 

16. A language I wish I could speak: Spanish 
17. Favourite YouTube Channel: OKbaby 
18. Number of siblings I have: 4 (I’m the youngest) 
19. Favourite lipstick: MAC Faux
20. My star sign: Taurus
I hope that you found this post interesting and id love to know something about you so why not leave a random fact about you in the comments 
Lucy x

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