Making the most of Summer…

When summer comes around each year I always feel as though I’m never really prepared. With the weather being hot (or rainy if you are a fellow uk resident) and clothes being more minimal everyone wants to look (but I think more importantly feel) your best. Below I have put together a selection of things that i think makes us look and feel great throughout the summer. 

Unless your lucky enough to go on holiday at the very beginning of summer, you may be feeling alittle pastey. Fake tan will be your best friend in making you feel more summer ready when putting those shorts on. For those who are use to tanning and want something more instant and full impact then the st. Tropez instant fake tans are for you. However if you are new to tanning and dont want to spend that much or just find the whole prospect of tanning terrifying(we all have images of umpa lumpas in the back of ours heads) then a cream gradual tanner will probably suit you better. Two great affordable options are the dove dermaSpa summer revived or the dove summer glow lotion. 
My Favourite Summer Scent

Glowy makeup, if your a regular reader of my blog you will know that i am a huge fan of the glow, and in summer i think its great to have light, fresh, dewy makeup. Easy ways to make the most difference to your makeup is by either switching up your primer or foundation, By using a light dewy product will give you a healthy glow. My favourites are the loreal lumi range, including there primer and cushion foundation. Also another great way to make you look more sunkissed than you actually are is to add bronzer, or alittle more than you actually would. My favourites are benefit hoola, too faced chocolate soleil and soap and glory solar bronzer. 

Fun nail polish colours is something i always associate with summer, i think its because when i use to go to school and we weren’t allowed nail polish so when it was summer holidays i use to like to wear bright colours to make the most of it. Barry m and china glaze are just two of many brands that make lots of fun colours.  If there is a specific shade from the picture that you want to know the name, feel free to comment and Id be happy to let you know. 

Exercises, I type this with the face of the gritted teeth emoji, like “lucy are you really talking about exercise?!”. Yes i am the girl who hates exercise but has to admit that it does have alot of great benefits. It makes you feel great but also if you have an wobbly bits then its great to tone up so that you feel as though to look your best in your shorts or swimwear. My favourite exercises are the Lucy Wyndham-Read HIIT Workouts on her youtube channel. They range between 4-10 minutes so they are very quick and quite simple to do at home and the best thing of all is that they have great results.

Snacks, if you have done your exercises then your for sure going to want a snack after and in summer i love to eat lots of fresh fruit. Strawberries dipped in chocolate (cacao/cocoa powder with coconut oil and maple syrup makes perfect vegan chocolate) when frozen for 30 minutes to an hour, its so refreshing yet seems like your having a nice treat. Another really quick snack is frozen grapes. Homemade fruit lollies are also very tasty and super easy to make. You can either just use different fruit juices or you can blend some fruits and make thicker ones. 

New clothes, who doesnt love new clothes?! When its a new season its nice to update your wardrobe with a few new pieces. If you dont like to spend too much on clothes as the trends are always changing then primark is great for trendy but affordable clothing. Also if your going on holiday its always fun going shopping to find some new pieces to take away with you. 

Staying cool, when the temperature heats up, it’s important to stay cool. Face and body sprays are great, they’re basically just pricey water in a spray bottle but they do work. I also like to use gels or lighter creams for moisturising as it feels lovely and cool on the skin. 
Love a Floral Crown

Fun activities, if your on your summer holidays soon then its important to make the most of it. You dont need lots of money to do things either. You could do something as simple as going on walks with friends and family or having a picnic in your back garden or local park. Another great thing is going to a place youve never been before and exploring. The best thing in my opinion though is definitely a trip to the beach. 

I hope you all have a great summer and id love to know what your plans are for summer… 
Lucy x

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