Top 3 Favourite Drugstore/Affordable Foundations

If you didnt know already Im not a massively lover of foundation, id pick Concealer over it every time. My two main issues with foundation is that often most brands or formulations dont have a shade light enough for my fair skin and secondly I find alot of foundation cake on my skin, so matte foundations are a big no no for me. However I have found three that actually work with my skin and that turn me into less of a foundation hater haha. 

Rimmel Match Perfection
This has to be my number one foundation out of the three. It claims to be “invisible” makes skin looks “perfected” and for “healthier looking skin”. All of those things are something that I think most people look for in a foundation. Also I think that it does live up to those claims, it does make skin look perfected without looking like your wearing a mask. The finish of the foundation is somewhere in between a dewy and matte so it has a natural healthy satin look, which I think would suit both dry and oily skin. The last reason why I love this foundation is because it doesnt cake or sit ugly on top of my dry skin, it just blends in for a lovely natural look. This foundation also comes in 12 different shades. It retails for £7.99 and is available from superdrug, boots, feel unique, Asos, Target and quite alot of supermarkets.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum. 
Firstly this is not to be confused with the healthy mix foundation. Secondly although it is called a serum it is still a foundation and is alot lighter and more dewy than the foundation forumla. I love this product because it gives a really healthy natural glow to the skin and just makes your skin look more radiant and clear. This doesn’t have the fullest of coverage so, if you like really high coverage, you would probably prefer the foundation version rather than the serum. At £10.99 it is the most pricey out of the three but still pretty affordable. It is available is 6 shades so it doesn’t offer the widest range. This foundation is definitely the perfect summer product.  Boujois is a available from superdrug, boots, feel unique and Asos.
L’oreal True Match
The one perfect for both oily and normal skin. I don’t like to use this foundation when my skin is quite dry though as I think it doesnt look as good. However this product can look more matte or dewy depending on what primer you use. This foundation has a natural-satin finish which is why i think it is a very popular drugstore foundation. It cost £9.99 and is available in an impressive 23 shades, so there is something to suit everyone. Loreal is available in so many places including boots, feel unique, Target, Ulta and many many more. 
I hope you find this helpful if your looking for a new foundation and I’d love to know what your favourite foundation is so comment down below. 
Lucy x

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