Kiko Wanderlust Desert Dunes Trio Baked Blush in 01 Lust Coral Review.

What is it?
“Baked blush that combines three shades in a single product for an adjustable effect. The different colours can be used individually or blended together.”

Is it expensive?
I personally think its a mid range price because its costs £16.90. This is pricier  than drugstores but nowhere near as pricey as some Highend companies who sell blushers for £30+ 
Is it for you?
If you like or love blushers that are baked then i think you’ll really like this. It has a subtle glow but not glittery. 
Is it worth the money?
I think it is because its a beautiful product, you get 3 colours in 1 and you get quite alot of product for your money. You also get a mirror in the compact which makes it great for travelling or to go in your bag. 
When swatched and blended it reminds me quite abit of Milani Luminoso. Also the way it has the gorgeous glow is quite similar to the hourglass blushes. 

Where can i get my hands on it?
Kiko can be purchased from the website or from their stores. It’s available in the UK, America and Europe on the website, but I don’t know if they have stores outside the UK. 
Anything else
The packaging on the product is gorgeous, probably the nicest packaging kiko’s limited edition collections has ever had. Its rose gold and quite sturdy. As this product is limited edition get it whilst its still around. 

Final thought
I love this blush, i think its stunning and perfect for a gorgeous peachy flush of colour across the cheek. The glow makes it perfect for spring/summer. 
Lucy x

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