Disappointing Makeup Products #1

I often do reviews of things I like or love on this blog, but sometimes talking about products that aren’t so great can be just as helpful, so today I have gathered a few products that didn’t impress me. 

Makeup Revolution Awesome Metals Foil Finish Eyeshadow. £5 
Supposedly a dupe for the Stila verison, which I have not tried, but wanted to so i purchased this cheaper alternative. The colour is beautiful, a stunning rose gold but its so soooo patchy, I have tried mixing with the fluid provided and applying with my finger (how it suggested you apply on the box) Ive have tried with a brush with and without the fluid but nothing made it work. All that I got was a patchy bit of glitter, not really pigment or coverage. I tried with primer and that didn’t work. Lastly this stuff gets everywhere, especially when trying to remove it, which was another big downside for me. 

Collection Blush&Highlight Cream Duo 
The reason this product features in this list is because on the highlighter. The blush is pretty alittle waxy but still blendable with decent pigment, but the highlighter is nothing. It has no colour or anything, its just a very dry waxy texture that has alot of chunky glitter in it. In my opinion they would be better to sell the blush on its own and ditch the highlighter half.
Essence All About Nude Eyeshadow Palette 
I don’t like this product because i think the shadows lack pigment and staying power which are two of the most important factors when looking for a great eyeshadow. Also I’ve only had this palette for around a year and one of the shadows have gone mouldy already. Eww. 

Essence Liquid Lipsticks
So I don’t have a massive issue with this product other than the fact its called a liquid lipstick. Its more of a tacky, very glossy lipgloss, with little pigment. Where as a liquid lipstick is matte and very pigmented, the total opposite in other words. I suggested that you give these a miss and look at their matte xxxl lipglosses as they’re sooo much better and amazing quality for £2.60

Nivea tinted moisturiser day cream.
I really like this product so your probably thinking why is this in a disappointing products post? Its in this post because its only available in one shade, one kinda olive nc25/nc30 shade which means its quite limited for most people.
Revlon eyeshadow. 
This one here is a quad but I have also tried 2 of there single shadows too and none of them are that great. They lack pigment and are very chalky and powdery, therefore making them not very long wearing or buildable. There are plently of better shadows at the drugstore so Id give these a miss.
Revlon 3D Volume, Models Owns and Barry M Showgirl. I have grouped these together because they are all rubbish, sounds kinda harsh but they really dont do anything for my lashes and arent worth the money. The barry m one is a very very dry formula and the other two are very watery and not buildable. The maybelline lash sensational is in the same price bracket and is 1000x better. 
Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter 
This highlighter is okay but i don’t like the amount of chunky glitters in it. If thats not something that bothers you then you probably wouldn’t find it disappointing but i prefer a glow rather than a glitter disco ball. However in the UK drugstore brands are lacking highlighters and this is one of the first brands to have some, i just think loose the glitter and youve got a decent product. Also i think that golden lights is less glittery than peach lights. 
New Look Pure Colour Matte Liquid Lip Colour- 23 Mink
This “liquid lipstick” isnt the best I’ve tried because it applies very streaky and you can’t really apply an even layer. If you try to do a second layer it goes even patchier. Also it goes like weird and crusty on the inside of your mouth which isnt a look I like. It might just be this light colour thats not great but i havent tried any others so i dont know. One thing i will say is that it has pretty good staying power. 
OPI Top Coat.
Nothing is massively wrong with this product I just found that it didn’t really prolong the wear of my polish and it is also hard to get product out once you get about half way. I much prefer the barry m base and top coat and that only coats £2.99 instead of the OPI £12.49. 
Rimmel Sweet Heart Matte Nail Polishes
Where do I start with these polishes, to be honest the only positive thing i can say about them is that the colours are lovely. The formula however is all wrong. Firstly if you apply base coat first it separates the colour, which not only looks awful but it also means that it doesn’t last that long. Secondly even if you don’t use base coat it is very streaky formula and needs at least 3 coats which nobody has the time or effort for so its a big fail for me. 

layered over a dark pink to show the separation better
 Primark beauty sponge
Clearly meant to be a dupe for the beauty blender but the quality isn’t up to scratch. Firstly its very hard in texture. Secondly when you try to dampen it the water just kind of runs off of it and doesn’t really absorb it which is quite strange. It is however very good at sucking up all your makeup, so i really wouldn’t suggest you buy it. The real techniques sponge is soooo much better. 
Burts bees lip balms. 
The mango burts bees lip balm is my absolute all time favourite lip balm so i thought id try some of the others but there not at all the same quality. The pomegranate one in particular has some colour to it but made my lips feel waxy and like they were stinging. The bee wax one made my lips quite tingly as well and some of my family who tried it thought it made there lips feel like they were heating up and stinging. So it looks as though the mango one is a rose among thorns. 
Bourjois intense extrait 01. Single eyeshadow.
Firstly I just want to say to that i really like the packaging of these shadows with there cute little mirror and magnetic clasp. However the shadow its self contains a bit of gold pigment but the rest is just a ton of gold and silver glitter that goes everywhere. Not my favourite sort of eyeshadow to be honest. 

Freedom Pro Strobe Cream Palette
This cream contour palette is quite affordable at £10 because it comes with a brush as well, which i love btw. However the makeup itself isn’t very good and I think you can tell its cheap. It is quite waxy and although it blends quite well, it also wipes off very very easily which is a big no no for me. It also is not very long wearing or pigmented. The last thing i dislike about this product is the colours of the the bronzer/contour shades, because they are very very orange toned. 

these pictures do not show you how orange they actually are.
Hope you found this helpful and if you know of any products that aren’t good then i would love to know so comment below, or if you disagree and think some of the products I’ve mentioned are great then id also love to know. 
Lucy x

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