Barry M Coconut Infusion Nail Polish Review & Swatches

What is it?
“Its unique, caring blend of Coconut Water and Coconut Oil gently hydrates and nourishes nails while delivering a beautifully smooth, gel-like glossy manicure”. 

Is it expensive?
At £4.99 a bottle I dont think its too bad although it is a little pricier than there normal or gelly ranges. 

Is it for you?
If your someone who loves glossy, shiney nail polish then I think you will like this new formula. Also they claim that “nails will be repaired and replenished, resulting in a brighter, healthier look” so if you are someone with dry or damaged nails then you might find these allow you to have pretty nails whilst looking after them at the same time. 

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Is it worth the money?
Yes its not as though they cost £20 but I do think that there gelly range is just as nice and for £1 cheaper. I have tested all 3 of the shades I own and they were all opaque within 2 coats and lasted 4 days without any chips and on day 5 they were only tiny chips which is pretty good. 

Nails inc have recent brought out an almost identical concept except they only contain coconut water and not the oil aswell. They come in a set of 5 5ml polishes for £29 which is quite pricey for that amount of polish. 

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Where can i get my hands on it?
Superdrug, boots and the barry m website. Superdrug have a bundle deal were you can buy all 9 shades for £25, which is a great saving. 

Anything else
There are 9 shades in the collection, including 4 nude shades ranging for light to dark to suit a variety of skintones. Aswell as the nudes there are 5 fun but wearable colours that are perfect for spring/summer. 

Final thought
Overall I like these polishes, I think there pretty, glossy and overall quite a good concept, whether or not my nails will improve because of them I don’t know, but only time will tell. 

If you have tried these polishes then Id love to know what you thought and which is you favourite colour. 

Lucy x

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