Makeup Geek and Morphe Brushes Haul

With a new season comes new makeup, okay so it doesnt have to but who doesnt love a bit of fresh new makeup for the new season. Both Makeup Geek and Morphe have been very hyped in the beauty community so if you have never heard of them, where have you been? I have 3 eyeshadows from Makeup Geek already but I have never tried Morphe brushes so its a sort of first impressions post aswell.

Makeup Geek

Like I said a minute ago I have previously tried the makeup geek shadows and I know how good they are. Anyway after much decision the three I choose were Cocoa Bear, White Lies and Cosmopolitan. I don’t have anything like these in my collection already so they are much needed (okay wanted) additions. 

Secondly I bought 2 blushes, to be more precise my first two blushers ever. Can you believe I don’t own any blushes already, I know shocking. To start my blusher collection I wanted something fairly natural and “pretty” so I chose Honeymoon and Spellbound. Honeymoon is a pretty soft pink that is quite shimmery/glowy and Spellbound is a dusky rose. I definitely want to get something more peachy for my next blusher. If you’ve got any good recommendations please comment down below as Id love to know.

In Sunlight

Morphe Brushes

Recently I noticed that there was a few brushes that I was missing from my collection and that I felt it was hindering my application slightly and hearing such good things about morphe brushes I decided to go with some from them.

Firstly was the Morphe M405. Described as a contour blush brush, it is an angled fluffy brush which like the name suggests I intend to use it for blusher. I did think it might be bigger, like a bigger round more fluffy brush but I’m not fussed that it is smaller. Second is the M431. The perfect little pencil brush and is exactly what I wanted and expected. This brush will be great for blending  out the lower lash line. The last two I am combining as one because they are essentially the same but with different coloured bristles. They are the M501 and the M510. I bought 501 as a highlighting brush which  its perfect for. However I thought the 510 would be a great fluffy eyeshadow blending brush and it isn’t what I expected, it is bigger but I still really like it and think it will make blending a lot quicker.  Also I am highly impressed by the quality of these brushes, so soft and considering the very affordable price, I would definitely recommend them.

I was quite lucky because beauty bay had some money off promotion for the easter holiday so I saved myself some money on this little lot. Have you bought anything recently , if so share it in the comments below

Lucy x

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