How To : Clean Makeup Brushes. How I Clean My Brushes WITHOUT Expensive Tools.

 As the title suggests today’s post is all about how to clean makeup brushes or in particular how I clean my makeup brushes. The first thing I want to say is that I don’t use any expensive tools or products. Just normal shampoo and rubber gloves. Oh and not forgetting water but that goes without saying.

Recently I have seen alot of people talking about the simga brush cleaning mat that cost £25-£32($32) which is alot of money to spend on a textured piece of rubber, if you ask me. However like I said previously I use rubber gloves, most gloves I have ever used tend to have a textured side on the palm of the hand which is the perfect dupe for the mat and can cost at little as 30p.

Then for shampoo, I like to use creamy shampoos rather than gels because i find they keep the bristles softer.This one I have here is just a cheap own brand sensitive one from the supermarket.

The dirty brushes before.

The Process

1) Firstly pour a pea size amount of shampoo onto your hand/rubber glove. If it is a large powder brush you may need more shampoo than your angled brow brush.

2) swirl the dirty bristles into the shampoo and watch as the white shampoo turns brown or whatever colour is on your brush. If this is not something you have done before, I think you may be slightly shocked/horrified by how much junk, a.k.a makeup stays in your brush, I know I was haha.

3) when all the shampoo is coloured, wash the shampoo off your hand and brush. hold the brush with the bristles downwards and squeeze the brush/bristles whilst its under running water, until the water runs clear.

4) If a brush is pretty dirty or you like to know they have had a really good clean and you have the time to do it then I highly recommend repeating stages 1-3. particularly cream product brushes, light foundation, tend to be dirtier so I always like to do two, sometimes even three washes to make sure all the product is out. 

5) lay brush down horizontally or with the bristles pointing downwards(never standing up right) to prevent water dripping into the handle and dissolving the glue. As you can see my brushes are on the edge of the bathmat but over the edge of a desk or worktop also works.

6) wait for them to dry, this can take quite along time (as long as overnight) so take this into consideration when to decided to wash them. I personally like to wash mine in the morning after I have applied my makeup for the day, then they have the rest of the day and night, if necessary, to dry before I need them again. 

7) repeat every 7-14 days for the optimum use out of your brushes. Brush cleansing can be time consuming if you have a lot of brushes but is highly worth it to prevent bacteria and blemishes.

the clean brushes after.. the ahhh sigh of joy to have nice clean brushes again

I hope you found this post useful, and almost forgot to say, I don’t recommend using shampoo on your sponges as it doesn’t wash out very well.

Lucy x

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