Winter Skin Saving Tips

It’s finally winter like now in the southern half of the U.K, it’s crispy and cold outside and there’s reports that snow is on its way. This also means that my skin, and I’m sure many others, skin is drying out and screaming out for moisture, so today I thought I’d share some of my favourite skin saving tips, so we can banish nasty and sometimes sore dry skin and say hello to soft and hydrated skin- sounds good right? Well keep reading to find out more.


As your face is often exposed the most to the harsh conditions there’s a few things in your normal routine you can change up to help it.

Firstly switching from a gel face wash to a creamy cleanser will really help prevent drying the skin out more when washing. I personally love the Nivea Gentle cleansing cream wash, It’s creamy, hydrating, smells amazing but also makes your skin feel clean without feeling stripped. Another great thing about this product is that it’s only £3.69. Also be prepared to see quite a lot of Nivea products, this is not sponsored, nor have I been sent any of these, I just really like there skincare products. Also I find that my skin likes it and the best things about the products are that they are very affordable and accessible, even the supermarkets sell them.

Hydrating/moisturising face masks are another great way to hydrate, either the ones where you apply for 5-20 minutes or the other sort where you leave them on over night. In the picture I have included a sample Nivea hydrating mask but other great products include, origins drink up 10 minute mask, origins drink up over night mask and I’ve also heard that the Tony Moly I’m real aloe moisturing sheet mask is another great opinion.

Changing or swapping your moisturiser from a light cream to a thick and rich product is also another way to add extra hydration back into your skin. You can just use the thicker cream at night but if your skin is getting really dry it may be worth using it in the morning as well, but leave it a little bit longer before putting makeup on so it has time to soak in.  Any thick night creams you have or from a brand you like will work, Nivea, Origins, Simple and Benefit are just some I’ve tried and liked.

Another skincare change you can make is using a hydrating primer before makeup, this will really help locking in any moisture as well as making your makeup last longer. Some examples include, Nivea hydrating primer, too faced hangover primer, makeup forever step one primer in hydrate, l’oreal lumi Magique primer and Mac strobe cream.

Lastly don’t forget to use eye cream (my personal fave is the kiehls midnight recovery eye) and lip balm because at this time of year lips can get really dried out and chapped so always keep a lip balm with you so if you are not wearing lipstick you can apply it often. My two favourites are the burt’s bees nourishing mango lip balm and the body shop honey mania lip balm, both are very hydrating and not sticky.

Hands and body

As well as keeping your face hydrated its important to keep the skin on the rest of your body moisturised too. 

A recent favourite of mine has to be the nivea in shower moisturising body wash, I had a free sample of this in a magazine and I enjoyed it so much I went out and bought the full size. This is a lazy girls dream, because not only are you washing your body, you are also moisturising as the same time so you dont have to stand around afterwards in the cold applying extra product but you are not skipping the moisture replenishment stage. Other thing that work similarly to this are some of the hydrating lush body bars like kings of skin, as this washes and hydrates at the same time.

However when I can be bother to moisturise or I feel as though my skin is extra dry, I like you use the Zoella Beauty Tutti Fruitti moisturising, this is creamy but not greasy and smells lovely. There are soooo many moisturisers to choose from and a lot of really good ones that you can find for pretty cheap in the drugstore or even supermarket.

Lastly but one of the most important points is to never forget the hands, along with our faces, our hands are exposed a lot and need extra care, so remember to moisturised them. Two of my favourites are the Garnier intense 7 day restore with shea butter and the Nivea smooth and nourishing hand cream with macadamia nut oils- its obviously all about those nut oils:)

I hope some of these tips help your winter skin feel not so wintery, because we might not be able to stop the snow and cold but we can stop the dry skin:)

Lucy x

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  1. I love Nivea products they're great for dry skin, one of the only brands I can use on my sensitive skin. Also Zoella's range smells truly amazing. face wise for me it has to be simple though because my skins so sensitive. Great post. very helpful.

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