January Beauty Haul, MAC, Bobbi Brown & More

Today’s post is a bit of a random one, below is a small selection of things i have picked up at the start of this new year. So in no particular order lets get into the haul…

First up I purchased two of barry m’s nail polishes from their new spring releases. one being In a flash which is a lightly fleshy peach and the other being their super mani 7-in-1 treatment.

Secondly with the winter weather really drying out my skin I wanted to try a new night cream and I decided that considering I like all the other things I have tried so far, that i would buy the Nivea one and so far so good.  It is very thick and therefore i wouldn’t recommend to anyone who has normal/combination or oilier skin.

Finally last week I took a trip to my nearest designer outlet shopping centre where I had to go into the cosmetics company and see if I could find myself any bargains and after rummaging though many a bright green,pink,blue or purple I came across the gem that is MAC Mylar, which is a lovely soft creme with a gorgeous sheen.

Also in this store I purchase my most exciting thing in January which is the Bobbi brown shimmer brick in pink, which I may be wrong but i believe its in the limited edition packaging. I am in Love with this highlighter, such a gorgeous soft colour and not to pink which is perfect. Also the best thing about the cosmetics company store at the designer outlet is that its all discounted so I’m pretty sure I saved around 30% on both items, which is a fairly big saving for beauty products.

Hoped you enjoyed seeing my mini random haul, and I’d love to hear something that you bought in January so please feel free to comment down below

Lucy x

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