Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liners Review

These soft textured and fine tipped lip liners are something that I’ve not heard lots about, the only thing is that Eastend Snob is often said to be a dupe for Mac soar lip liner. So are they worth more hype?
What is it? 
Creamy retractable lip liner available in 10 shades.  Ranging in colours from nudes, pinks, reds and deep plums. The colours in the picture are Eastend Snob, Addiction & Obsession.
Is it expensive? 
£3.99, which I think is a great price for such good quality.
Is it for you? 
Do you like making your lip products last, then yes it’s for you. 
Is it worth the money?
Compared with other lip liners I have tried these are by far the best. They are so creamy and glide on the lips. They are also great for filling in the whole lips because they are not drying or patchy. Also because they are retractable you don’t waste any product sharpening them. Lastly the fine tip means you can get real precision. 
I think that the Too Faced perfect lips lip liners are quite similar and as they retail for £15, I think the Rimmel ones are the better option. If you know of anything else similar, please comment down below to share with other readers.
Where can I get my hands on it?
Feel Unique, Asos, Superdrug, Boots and even the supermarkets 
Anything else? 
Rimmel is a brand that usually has an offer on somewhere so you are likely to be able to get these for even less.
Final thought
For the price and the quality I think these lip liners are amazing and are essential in my makeup bag. I definitely want more colours from the collection.
I hope that if you try these that you also like them too. My personal favourite is Addiction, if you have tried these, What is yours?
Lucy x

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