Christmas Gift Guide: Teens

Below is a selection of gifts available on the market that are perfect for teens whether it’s somethings you want to but for your friends, sister, cousin or to add to your own list.

*Prices are accurate to the time of writing 
1: Zoella beauty mini fizz bar trio £8
The very popular fizz bar in three mini gift set, lovely bath fizzers that have classic range scent. This can also be split individually and given to 3 different people or added to stockings or goodie bags
Available at superdrug (on sale for£7) and feel unique  
2: Simple gifts of kindness minis gift set £4.50
Cute skincare set perfect for all skin types containing, kind to skin moisturising face wash, soothing facial toner and hydrating light moisturiser. This is also great for someone who is just starting a skincare routine and wants something gentle for young skin.
Available at superdrug (on sale for 3.50) and boots 
3: Zoella beauty awesome drawersome £45 (was £50)
Reusable draw set that contains lots of other Zoella beauty goodies including a ‘too cute’ purse/makeup bag, 2 travel size fizz bars, a travel size body butter, a travel size creamy madly dreamy body lotion, travel size soap opera bubble bath, travel size flowers and showers shower gel and a shower puff. This is also great for people who like to collect her range as there are a few never seen before exclusives in this set.
Available at superdrug 
4: Makeup revolution amazing nail collection £7 ( was £9)
A cute set of 7 colourful nail polishes great for someone who doesn’t have many colours
Available at superdrug
5: Studio London make up brush set £5 ( was £8)
Great beginners set of brushes including 4 brushes ranging from face brushes to a eyeshadow brush, it’s also a good price. 
Available at superdrug 
6: Impulse free spirit mini gift set £4 (was £5) 
Great mini trio which are perfect to throw in your school or hand bag if you need to top up your scent throughout the day or after a sports session. This can also be split into 3 individual gifts.

Available at superdrug
7: Tanya burr candy cane nail polish, lip gloss & nail file trio £6 (was £8)
Containing a pink nail polish, pink lipgloss and nail file this is the perfect gift for the typically girly girl.
8: Nivea sweet lips gift pack £5 ( was £6) 
Sweet little set containing 2 lip butters and 2 lip balms and all inside a pink heart tin. This is a great gift for someone who doesn’t want to where lots of lip colour but wants a little something on the lips and to moisturise at the same time.
Available from superdrug and boots
9: Girl online & Girl online: on tour (around £5-£8 each) 
Best selling novels from Zoe Sugg aka zoella. This two part book series is perfect for any teenager especially book lovers. This light hearted story is a great read and is bound to have any reader hooked instantly.
Available from Amazon, W H Smiths, most good book stores and Sainsburys. Prices do vary. Also hard back books may cost more than paperbacks.
10: DIY starter makeup kit
Check out my post here on perfect products to put in a make up starter kit
*in the superdrug catalogue it states that sale prices will last until December 24th.
Thank you for reading and I hope you have found something useful that you might want to give as a gift or put on your own list haha. Look forward to seeing you next time which will be the next part of my gift guide series.

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