Christmas Gift Guide: For Him

What to buy the man in your life, whether that be a boyfriend, husband, brother, dad or uncle this list should help give you some ideas what to give them. 

1: Starbucks Cocoa duo £16.50
Fun set containing 2 Starbucks mugs, a double choc hot chocolate sachet, a salted caramel hot chocolate sachet and some mini marshmallows, who doesn’t love a mini marshmallow.
Available at Boots, Amazon and Tesco  
2: Aftershave 
This is quite a tricky one for me to just pick one scent or product because everyone likes something different so if you know what the person likes then you could buy them that item, as aftershave always makes a great gift
Available most places, even the supermarkets
3: Nando’s, get carried away £10
For the one who likes to eat at Nando’s and wants to recreate this at home, this set contains two variations of Nando’s peri peri sauces. It also comes in a cute wooden rack.
Available from Boots, eBay and Amazon 
4: Selfie stick, from £3
Everyone loves a good selfie so these are a great gift for anyone.
They are sold in a lots of places and vary in quality and range from basic to advanced, so the prices can differ a lot which can suit all budgets.
Available Amazon, Asos and many other places
5: Dove men+care ultimate care kit £15
This set is great because it contains a face/body wash, an antiperspirant, shave gel and moisturiser/aftershave cream. It means that everything he would need is all contained in this set so is perfect for someone a bit younger who is maybe just starting out with skincare/shaving, or is ideal for someone who likes to travel.
Available at Boots, Superdrug and Amazon
6: Vo5 extreme style, break the mound, wash bag £12
This haircare trio is perfect for all those who like to style their hair. It contains a 2-in-1 shampoo&conditioner, a dry texture hair spray and a styling putty. Also it all comes with a handy wash bag
Available Boots and Amazon 
7: Asos leather gift set with wallet and card holder £18+
This neat duo is great for any man, as they will look super smart with a new wallet and should last them awhile as the quality is good. It is also packaged nicely which makes it look great for a present
8: Calvin Klein underwear £9+
Known for their luxury underwear, Calvin Klein is a great place to get some nice quality items that you might not buy on an everyday basis but is perfect to give as a gift.
Available from Calvin Klein stores and online
9: Asos beanie/bobble hats £5+
A hat is a winter essential and Asos have a great range of styles, colours and prices so you can pick what you think the person your buying for would like most.
10: Chocolate 
Who doesn’t like chocolate, there are soooo many things to choose from, I think the best ones though are the Cadbury Christmas selection boxes.
This isn’t really my speciality but I hope that you have found something useful, hope to see you next time with my gift guide for mums and nans.
Lucy x

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