Current Night Time Skincare Routine


I’m going to start by saying my skin type is normal-dry. It’s Not super dry but it can be quite dry especially in winter

Garnier micellar water: I use this every night without fail. I always use it to remove my makeup because it removes my makeup soooo well yet it seems like nothing but water. Unlike any other make remover or wipe I have ever used, if I get it in my eye it doesn’t sting or anything, it feels just like water. It’s also affordable at £4.99 but it is usually on offer for less. I find that a 400ml bottle of this usually last me about 4/5 months which is a lot longer than a pack of wipes. I also use this even if I don’t have makeup on just to take away the dirt of the day. All I do is put some on a cotton pad and wipe is across my face and eyes.
Neutrogena pink grapefruit cleanser: this cleanser is great because it leaves my skin feeling really clean with it feeling completely stripped. It’s a gel consistency so I think it would suit a lot of skin types. Also the smell is fresh and fruity:) It’s pretty affordable as well at £4.99.
Clean and clear deep cleansing lotion: this is another thing that I use every night without fail. on the packet this is described as a cleanser, not going to lie not sure why it’s called a cleanser because it’s a lot more like a toner than a cleanser. Anyway I use it as a toner and I have done so since I was about 11. I find that it leaves my face feeling just that extra bit clean and helps to make sure there is not traces of cleanser left on my skin. It contains an ingredient which helps to preventing spots. I also put this on a cotton pad and wipe across my face, but NOT my eyes as I can imagine that would sting. This is also super affordable at £2.99 and lasts for ages.
Nivea daily essentials day moisturiser: I like this moisturiser because it’s light but also moisturising and smells amazing:) it’s just a standard moisturiser and my skin likes it, I will probably try others when this runs out but I would repurchase it again in the future. It’s also costs around £3.00, which is pretty affordable compared with my next moisturiser.
Benefit total moisture: this is a thick moisturiser that I don’t use everyday because it would probably overwhelm my skin, although in winter I tend to use it most days. I really like the scent of this as well:) my skin also feels really nice when I wake up in the morning. I wouldn’t recommend this if you have oily skin, but I think people with dry skin would like this cream because of its richness. It’s quite pricey though at £28 but i know there are plenty of moisturisers that cost a lot more so it’s sort of middle of the range price wise. 
Kiehl’s midnight recovery eye: I got this on recommendation from Kathleen lights on YouTube. She has quite a similar skin type to myself and other products that she recommended which I have really liked and so I thought I’d give this ago, as I have been on the hunt for a go eye cream for a while now. I have only been using this cream for just over 2 weeks but I can already see a difference in my dark circles and my eyes don’t feels so dry and tight like they did before. It’s £24 which is standard to lower end price for an eye cream. I also love the fact that it comes in a squeezey tube rather than a tub because it’s easy to squeeze out just a little bit.
I finish off with my Burt’s bees mango nourishing lip balm which is sooooo moisturising and for £3.49 it’s a bargain:) 
*also forgot to mention that the scrub I use is st. Ives sensitive apricot scrub, which is good because it’s creamy and not to scratchy so it doesn’t feel like I’m cleaning my face with gravel haha.
If you have a similar skin type to me and have any products you think I should try I’d love to hear – especially if it’s a high street/drugstore moisturiser.
See you soon 
Lucy x 

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