Current Favourite Brow Products


So today I’m back with my current favourite brow products.
In the last few years eyebrow maintenance has become massive and now there is soooooo many products on the market to choose from, from powders to gels, wax to pencils and so much more and so I’m going to share with you some of my favourites and the ways in which the different products can be used to achieve a different finish. 
I have cool toned light brown hair so finding  the right colour has been quite hard. Most colours are usually much too warm or orange toned. Also I know many people love all the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products (and I can imagine the taupe would be my perfect shade) but it’s not a brand that’s easy to get hold of in the UK and it’s quite pricey. 


Powder or eye shadow is probably the best place to start if you are new to filling/shaping your brows, it also gives the most natural finish. Powders can also be used to put on top of other products to alter the colour or set them into place. The key thing is to always use a matte eye shadow otherwise they won’t look natural.
Urban Decay Buck Eye shadow (Naked 1 palette): is a medium mid brown not too warm but not cool so I think would suit quite a lot of hair colours. This is a little warm for my hair but I sometimes make it work if I’m to lazy to get a separate eye shadow out haha.
Also if you have blonde cool toned hair the shade Naked would be a great alternative from this palette.
Mac Copperplate: is a very cool toned brown taupe which is the perfect shade for my eyebrows, although I know it won’t suit most people but Mac do a large range of shadows so I am sure you would be able to find a shade that suits you. I know Mac is more pricey than some high street brands but the pigmentation and staying power is well worth the cost. I can apply this at 8am and it will still be there perfectly in place at 10pm.
Makeup revolution ultra brow arch and shape: for those of you who are familiar with the soap and glory brow archery it is very similar to that. For those who don’t it is a pen with a felt tip end on one side and a waxy pencil crayon on the other. I personally think this is slightly better than the soap and glory one because there is 4/5 shades to choose from rather than 2 and it costs £3.50 rather than £9. It’s great because you get the benefit of a pencil and a felt tip but in one product. The pencil crayon end is drier than some others that I have tried, which sometimes means it doesn’t last as long as a more waxy product that has been set with a powder. The only down side is that it does not come with a spooley. Also I use the shade medium.
Rimmel professional eyebrow pencil: this is a waxy pencil as the name would suggested. They do quite a few colours in the collection and so most people could probably find a colour to suit them although they are quite warm toned. I find to make this product work for me I go over the top with my Mac eye shadow to help cool down the warm tones in the pencil. It was quite waxy so I find the combination of this and the powder means it lasts all day. At £2.99 It’s also a great price.  I use the shade 002 hazel.
Benefit speedy Brow Set: the point of a brow set it to set your hairs into a shape for your choice and this one does the jobs sooooo well, they are still in the exact place 12+hours later. I have the shade neutral but they do have other colour choices. This gel is great because it does not leave your brows looking wet all day, which I think is a must haha. I have tried the Rimmel brow gel but I found that once it had dried, in a hours or so it had crumbled off which is never a good look haha.
Finally I have included in the picture two brushes that I like to use of my brows, my favourite is the liner brush that comes in the “nic’s picks” real techniques set and i know that, this set is not often sold in shops (but you can usually find it online or on eBay) and I don’t believe it can be bought individually. So I included my second favourite which is the Wilko own brand liner brush with is a steal at only £2.50, it’s not as small as the real techniques one but it’s still a great brush. 
Thanks for reading and I will see you again soon
Lucy x

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